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What is Resilient Researcher?

Resilient Researcher comprises a selection of workshops and webinars which can be run individually or combined into day programs in line with your institution’s requirements.  The workshops and webinars offer a practical framework for HDR’s and ECR’s to address the following key components integral to research success:

  • positive psychological wellbeing

  • effective communication skills

  • career development strategies.

Utilising evidence based psychological principles and a participant-centred approach, the workshops are based on co-operative, experiential learning principles and include:

  • explanation of theory and applications

  • facilitated discussions

  • fun, practical activities

  • skills to build and maintain functioning throughout the research program and beyond.

Experienced psychologist and career development specialist, Dr Shari Walsh, is passionate about enabling postgraduate and early career researchers to develop skills to manage issues that can impact research progression including:

  • anxiety, stress and low mood

  • procrastination and perfectionism

  • communication and networking barriers

  • concern regarding career opportunities.

Dr Shari Walsh
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