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Supervisor sessions are available as 1.5 hour online webinars or 3 hour in-person workshops. They are focussed on assisting supervisors to develop skills to enhance their supervisory process as well as to maintain their wellbeing.

Additional topics are able to be developed. Contact Shari if you require development of a session to support your supervisor taining program.

Simple strategies for supporting HDR candidates' mental health

  • Recognising signs of mental health issues

  • Responding and suggesting support

  • Promoting positive psychological wellbeing

Boosting HDR candidates’ coping and confidence

  • Preparing for and managing disappointments

  • Reinforcing strengths to enhance performance

  • Providing constructive feedback

Managing relationships with HDR candidates: communication and personality styles

  • Overview of personality and communication styles

  • Communicating and working together

  • Facilitating positive supervisory relationships

Juggling skills for supervisors

  • Managing multiple workload demands

  • Maintaining wellbeing while juggling

  • Supervising tips

Maintaining your sanity as a supervisor: stress management

  • Understanding stress/ors

  • Clarifying supervisory expectations and boundaries

  • Maintaining positive psychological functioning

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